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Plait (2014)

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“Now, I’m not ashamed of my skin Though obstacles it may bring. I proclaim to the world that I am A Black Woman, the element of spring. I blossom with happiness And pride within myself For I am A Black Woman And I wish to be nothing else.”
- Annie Ruth



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"There’s a very good sentence written by a black woman named Kay Lindsey in which she said, ‘Where the white woman is the sexual object, black women are sexual laborers.’

White womanhood has been the prevailing standard of femininity in this country [the United States of America]. If you were beautiful you had pale skin,…you had light skin, preferably light hair, you were gentle, you were retiring, you were sweet, you were chaste.

Because of our historical position as black women, most of us were slaves which means we worked as hard as any man on the plantations, then we moved into factories. Most of us were not pure because on plantations we were bought to be breeders and whores. We were not qualified for the prevailing standards of femininity, white femininity, so we were passed down.

If you are a woman who does not fit women’s standards, you’re a piece of crap. So we [black women] got none of the benefits of being a woman. They’re double-edged benefits but they are benefits: money from wealthy men, so-on and so-forth. We [black women] got all of the liabilities. As I said before, we are on the lowest rung, even in a profession like prostitution because we are valueless as black women.

So we [black women] were brought up outside the pale of femininity but we weren’t considered worth turning into useful men; because ‘What is a Black Woman?’ She’s a woman and she is also black. We weren’t as good as black men and we were useless, we weren’t good enough to be imitating white women. So we had nothing.

[Black women] were total outsiders. Which is why economically we are on the absolute bottom and psychologically, if you will, of the barrel.”]

Margo Jefferson on Some American Feminists (1980)

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